Support for Struggling Readers

Personalized virtual lessons in English or French, from the comfort of your home.

Learning to read shouldn’t be a struggle. We offer one-on-one reading lessons for children who do struggle to learn reading and spelling ~ in either English or French.

Our approach is appropriate for all students: those lagging 3 or more months behind their peers and those with dyslexia (specific reading disability).

ECE Foundations


1-on-1 language and mathematics skills development for early learners.

Our Early Childhood Education Foundations offers a bright start for the youngest learners. ECE Foundations is appropriate for children, ages 5 to 6, who are at risk for learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD, and for children who are struggling with preschool work in math, language and literacy.

Listen to your intuition and help your child build essential skills from the start.

Structured Literacy Assessment

Comprehensive literacy assessments to uncover your child’s unique learning path.

Uncover the roots of your child’s learning and reading challenges to advocate for their needs and establish a path to reading confidence. Our Comprehensive Literacy Assessment, delivered virtually, will identify learning opportunities for children reading below grade level and those with a reading/spelling disability.

After assessment, we’ll determine an individualized success path based on your child’s current level and needs.

Academic Subject-Area Support

Expert content-area tutoring to support your child in an array of subjects.

Our experienced teachers provide compassionate and thorough instruction to help your child achieve their best possible outcome in subjects and with projects which challenge them.

Whether it’s a middle school novel study or high school chemistry, convenient at-home support is at hand.

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