6 Timeless Read Aloud Stories For Older Kids

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 Ready for #onlinelearning this January?⁠ More time at home together means we’re all seeking ways to connect. Get offline and snuggle up for some read-aloud time. It’s a fab break from screens, supportive of your child’s literacy and a wonderful way to bond.

Why read aloud to older kids?⁠

Reading aloud to older children might seem pointless if they can already read themselves. But your pronunciation, cadence and vocabulary can help develop theirs!⁠

Read Aloud Stories For Older Kids

Here are 6 classic, heartwarming stories to share with your grade school kiddos for reading together. They’re also great for a break from screen time and a little #homeschool “extra credit” in the evening.⁠ 📚Which one would you add to this list?⁠

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