Online Academic Support

1-on-1 Tutoring and Subject Area Support for All Grades

Online Academic Support

1-on-1 Tutoring and Subject Area Support for All Grades

 No more stress about “keeping up” with our patient & personalized academic support in any subject.

The help you need when you need it.

We know it’s stressful to act as “tutor” when your child is having difficulty with subject material or academic skills. You’re not alone.

Students often require support with schoolwork, whether that’s reviewing subject area content, preparing for tests/exams, practising skills, or learning how to plan and succeed with long-term projects. 

Free yourself up for family time and let our team of knowledgeable teachers provide that support – in either English or French. 

Hear From More Happy Parents

The Reading School has been helping children from kindergarten to university since 2000.

Your child’s school journey may have some uphill climbs, but guidance is at hand.

Convenient, online lessons & expert teaching.

Tell us how we can help! Your child will be matched with a teacher who has specific training and experience to guide your child in a particular subject or set of skills.

Over the first month, through weekly reporting and session videos, we will monitor progress and provide you with detailed feedback at the one-month check-in chat.

After that, you may opt to stay up-to-date with a monthly report card letting you know exactly how your child’s time is being spent, and how they’re progressing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will teach my child?

Your child will be assigned a teacher who has specific training and experience in the subject with which your child needs help. Our teaching team participates in regular professional development activities and their work with your child will be overseen by a Teacher Development Coach and a Student Advancement Supervisor, both of whom report to the director

When are lessons available?

Lessons are available before and after school, during school hours, and on weekends. Lessons must be scheduled at least one day apart.  

Our age-appropriate minimum enrolments ensure consistency and retention:

  • Grade 1: three 30-minute lessons or two 45-minute lessons each week
  • Grade 2: two 45-minute lessons or two 60-minute classes each week
  • Grade 3 and higher: two 60-minute lessons or three 45-minute lessons each week
Where should lessons take place?

All lessons and assessments will be delivered virtually over Zoom. Children should take their lessons in a low-traffic, relatively quiet space that is not a bedroom. Parents don’t need to attend lessons, but should be within earshot, when possible, especially if the learner is young or easily distracted.

Does my child need an assessment?

Usually, assessments aren’t needed for subject area tutoring. However, if your child needs support in math or language arts and is working one or more years below grade level, they will need an assessment.  The results of the assessment will inform the learning plan and allow us to set measurable goals for your child’s success.  

How will I know what my child is learning?

Teachers report lesson activity to their Student Advancement Supervisor after every meeting.  During the third week of lessons, the teacher will submit a video recording of one of your child’s lessons so we can ‘observe’ the progress firsthand and provide you with detailed feedback at the one-month check in.  

After that first chat, you may opt-in to receive a summary report of your child’s progress, effective the end of the third month of lessons. You may also choose to opt-in to monthly reporting. Fees apply.

Are your fees covered by insurance?

Every insurance company will have its own rules about acceptable expenses. If your child has a learning disability that should be documented on your invoice, please let us know. We can accept no responsibility for an insurer’s decision to accept or reject a claim for reimbursement of fees.

Are your fees eligible for tax credits?

Let us know if you want us to issue a letter to the Canada Revenue Agency outlining the fees you paid in the previous calendar year. Letters will be emailed to you by the last week of February. We suggest you speak to an accountant about your situation.

We’re ready to support you in supporting your child

The first step is the most powerful: accepting your child may need help to reach their reading and academic potential.

Reach out to discuss your concerns with our qualified, caring staff and our Director, Diane Duff. We’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours to answer your questions.


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