Try These DIY STEM Activities For Kindergarten through Middle School

Help foster their love and knowledge of STEM with these not-too-challenging DIY STEM projects for kids of all ages.

Fascinating and practical. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are studies to which kids are naturally drawn. The STEM pursuits are often hands on, can relate to their own, real world experiences, and allow for creativity and creation! 

Kids can make things happen with STEM! That’s exciting.

Help foster their love and knowledge of STEM with these not-too-challenging DIY STEM projects for kids of all ages.

Why Is STEM Education Important?

In a world that’s dominated by technology, international trade and resource extraction, it’s no question that science, technology, and engineering are essential. STEM education is a passion and path to employment for many. In Canada, as many as 1 in 6 university students pursues a STEM path.

In contrast, humanities studies seem to be down, in general. As such, a push has been made to include Arts in the promotion of a broader STEAM initiative: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. However, STEM remains the most prevalent term for this area of academic focus.

And a focus it is, since STEM education is correlated with economic growth, higher job rates, higher wages and higher exports than mostly non-STEM industries. Translation? It could be a passion with which your child could make a living.

STEM Activites You Can Do At Home

These five STEM projects are simple enough to execute with just a few basic supplies and household items, and they’re guaranteed to fire up little brains and pass a bit of time at home on a rainy day. 

DIY Marble Run

Try a simple cardboard box marble run, or use painter’s tape to create a bigger marble run on the wall. Older and younger kids can work together to design, creating a toy that will be worth the work! Check it out at

    STEM Storm Drain Challenge

    This is a fun twist for family game night or a staycation family challenge. Gather plenty of items from around the house and feel free to theme this Storm Drain Challenge by “losing” particular themed items. Watch the video here! 

      Candy Gears Activity

      Here’s a fun reason to hit the local bulk store and stock up for family movie night, with a little STEM warmup! (Make sure you buy extra treats to eat, since these will be glued.) Make the challenge bigger or smaller for different ages. Instructions at

        DIY Lava Lamp

        Make a bit of room decor together with a jar or bottle and a few basic household items. The lava lamp has mystified for generations, and it’s a perfect chemistry project with just a bit of cleaning up afterward. Step by step:

          LEGO Stop Motion

          Bringing technology and creativity together is a slam dunk with just a stop motion app or your camera, and some of your fave LEGO pieces. Plenty of apps make it easy. Turn it into a family project:


          Whether it’s a few minutes to make lava lamp birthday party favours or an afternoon of stop motion movie-making, STEM opportunities abound! We curate language and STEM activities on our Instagram feed; come say hello for more.


          Do you have a favourite STEM project you’ve shared with your kids or teach in your classroom? Share below!

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