We help children read

and parents breathe a sigh of relief.
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We help children read

And parents breathe a sigh of relief.

Support for struggling students. And concerned parents.

Learning to read shouldn’t be a struggle.

We offer one-on-one reading lessons for children who do struggle to learn reading and spelling ~ in either English or French.

Our team of certified teachers and speech language pathologists observe an Orton-Gillingham based approach which is appropriate for all students: those who are lagging 3 or more months behind their peers and those who have dyslexia (specific reading disability).

All our students receive an individualized learning plan and work to mastery, at their own pace. 

Private Lessons

Group Classes


What our clients say

We contacted The Reading School because our son’s grade 1 teacher was very concerned that he would not be anywhere near the reading level that was required to go to the next grade. We were skeptical of online lessons, but by the end of the school year our son not only met the required reading level to get to grade 2 but surpassed it and got an A. Our son loves to read now and asks to read a book to us every night before bed.

Shiraz & Indira

Brampton, Ontario

When we started working with The Reading School everything was a struggle for our son (even tears). Now he has such confidence!! We had an amazing moment last week when he finished a new book all in one day! He couldn’t put it down. It even came with us to his sister’s swim class. He has developed such a joy for reading and I would have never have thought possible. Thanks a million.

S. Smith

Aurora, Ontario

The Reading School has made a positive difference for my daughter who has Dyslexia. Not only has she progressed in her reading and writing abilities, she also gained confidence in herself. The teacher  made learning fun and gave my daughter the tools she needed to overcome some of her challenges. I appreciated the ongoing feedback and reports, which helped me to understand the challenges my daughter faced. 

Nusrat Sheikh

Ottawa, Ontario

Meet our Director

Diane L. Duff, B.Ed., MA

Diane has devoted her career to reading development and reading disability, culminating in the establishment of The Reading School in 2000. A passionate bibliophile and loving parent and grandparent, Diane is committed not only to making reading easier for children, but to helping parents advocate for their children’s needs in the school system.

As Founder & Director of The Reading School, Diane oversees the curriculum and assessment of all students. She aims through education and advocacy to improve the quality of early reading instruction and remediation so more children may learn to read without struggle.

We’re ready to support you in supporting your child

The first step is the most powerful: accepting your child may need help to reach their reading and academic potential.

Reach out to discuss your concerns with our qualified, caring staff and our Director, Diane Duff. We’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours to answer your questions.


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